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kabuku_kankurou's Journal

15 May
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Kankurou is played by stormbringer986
Species: Human
Age: 21
Occupation: Rogue onmyouji

As the child of a noble family in Heian-Kyo, Kankurou was expected to serve the empire. As a descendant of the famous Abe no Seimei, it was expected he would become an outstanding onmyouji and use those skills to benefit the emperor. He was sent to the Onmyourou when he was six years old to begin gaining the knowledge and learning the skills necessary for an onmyouj, and by the time he was 15 Kankurou had finished his training and was working as a professional with two shikigami, Karasu and Kuroari, under his control.

Unfortunately, both for his finances and his employers, when he was 18 Kankurou had decided that he'd had enough of working for other people (most of whom were far less qualified than he was) and he left the capital to travel on his own. This move didn't make him any friends among the other onmyouji, who view Kankurou's actions as betrayal. The oldest ones still remember the last onmyouji who left their ranks, a man named Orochimaru.

For the past three years, Kankurou has spent most of his time traveling around Japan and getting rid of any malevolent demons he comes across. About a year ago, Kankurou lost most of his traveling gear when he fell into a river, but he's slowly been replacing it. The most recent replacement is a perfectly good teakettle he found in an abandoned building.